Prayer Group: Virginia Band’s “Reviewer” Is a Noise Rock Killing Machine (PREMIERE)

Photo: Tom Barbee

Yes, if you read No Echo on a regular basis, you already know how often we cover bands from Richmond, Virginia already. But what are we supposed to do when the city keeps pumping out so many great acts?

Today's attention is focused on Prayer Group, a noise rock combo with a hardcore backbone. Pissed Jeans and Am-Rep comes to mind, yes, but there's also hints of the kind of sonic battery bands like Kiss It Goodbye were dishing out back in the day.

Beginning in 2015, Prayer Group began releasing several EPs, and have toured throughout that time, sharing bills with the such like-minded groups as Child Bite and KEN Mode.

Their next chapter begins later this month when Prayer Group releases their debut album, Michael Dose (an in-joke mispronunciation of the term "micro-dose").

No Echo got its hands on the music video for "Reviewer," a track from the forthcoming LP:

Michael Dose will be out on February 18th via Reptilian Records. Hit the pre-order link for the vinyl.


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