Planet on a Chain (Look Back and Laugh, Tear It Up) Sign w/ Revelation Records, Drop New Track

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The last time I wrote about Planet on a Chain was when I put together my annual 12 Newer Hardcore Bands to Check out list back in 2021. If you missed that and aren't familiar with them already, the quartet features musicians who have also played in such killer groups as Look Back and Laugh, Tear It Up, Talk Is Poison, and Multilated Tongue.

While guitarist Brian Stern, bassist Tobia Minkler, and drummer Moses Saarni all reside in the Bay Area of California, vocalist Dave Ackerman is based out of Austin, Texas. Many No Echo readers will remember the singer when he flew the flag for his native New Jersey in such bands as Dead Nation and the aformentioned Tear It Up back in the '90s and '00s.

Today, Revelation Records announces that they've signed Planet on a Chain by the label's Adam Lentz. A huge fan of Stern's previous bands Dead and Gone, Talk Is Poison, and Look Back and Laugh, the two met after the guitarist dragged Adam's unconscious body off of the 924 Gilman St. floor after a stagediving mishap.

The seminal label has just released Deprogram, a collection comprised of re-recordings of the group's two demos on all streaming platforms. The demos were originally released by Blind Rage Records and 625 Records/To Live A Lie Records.

In early 2023, Revelation Records will be dropping Planet on a Chain's debut album, Boxed In, and to whet the appetite, check out its title track below:

As you can hear, Planet on a Chain is a fine addition to Rev family, joining more recent and likeminded acts on their roster as Tørsö and Urban Sprawl. 

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