Moral Law: Denver XVX Metalcore Group Discusses Signing with New Age Records

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With a discography stretching back decades, New Age Records has issued releases by the likes of Unbroken, Outspoken, and Strife. Tal he label's latest roster addition comes in the form of Moral Law, a metalcore band from Denver, CO.

"Moral Law started after I had pitched the idea of starting a vegan straight edge band to the only other local XVX musicians I knew: [drummer] Xavier [Contreras] and [guitarist] Shane [Burdette]," vocalist Alex Morales tells No Echo.  

"We had originally talked of starting this band as early as 2017 but we didn’t find an original lineup until late 2018. We had a few member changes in the beginning, but the band really began to take hold with the addition of [bassist] Ed [Ma] and later, [guitarist] Owen [Pishna]. We’ve had our current lineup since late 2019."

To date, Moral Law have unleashed a couple of releases: a self-titled EP in 2019, and split EP with Ritual of Decay last year:

Alex talks about Moral Law's stylistic approach: "We’ve definitely had a small shift sound-wise since the band formed. Our original EP had a lot more traditional hardcore mixed in with that early edge metal sound that we are all fond of. But as we’ve progressed as a band, we’ve drifted more towards the style of bands like Undying.

"We’ve all been greatly influenced by this sort of edge metal renaissance with bands like xRepentancex and xElegyx, but we’ve also found inspiration from different styles put forth by classic acts like Cherem, Earth Crisis, Statecraft, and Reprisal."

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Moral Law will begin recording their debut LP for New Age Records within the next few weeks. "New Age has put out some of our favorite records, so having our debut LP be released by them is a great feeling." 

Speaking with Alex, it's not hard to imagine that the lyrical content is the most important aspect of what Moral Law does:

"My goal was to tackle different facets of modern day oppression (especially as it pertained to this last year or so). This includes ongoing transphobia, the impact of the drug trade on vulnerable communities, evangelical attempts at an American theocracy, and the mass hypocrisy I see everywhere.

And of course, there will be some songs directly about straight edge, veganism, and radical eco-defense. We can't wait for everyone to hear what we've been working on."

Head to the New Age Records store to pick up a limited edition Moral Law t-shirt that just went up, and stay tuned for the band's debut album coming soon.

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