Mile End: Canadian Hardcore Outfit Calls on Classic WWF for Inspiration on Latest Track

Photo: @Scum.Collective

Brampton hardcore legends Mile End have dropped a new track, “Avarice," whose venomous lyrics spring from a well of unique influence—deception, family, and... wrestling.

Vocalist Jake Thompson was inspired to write the song after witnessing his grandfather get taken advantage of financially. “My grandfather is a great man who will do anything for a friend or someone in need, and this person took advantage of his vulnerability.” That interaction sparked the idea to write “Avarice."

Thompson, who is a big fan of wrestling, felt like he could connect some of the themes explored in Wrestlemania 6 to his family's situation. He reworked a promo cut by Jake “The Snake” Roberts from that event into the lyrics of the song.

“I like looking through old wrestling promos to get ideas of themes, words, or even just fun ways to pay homage to something I love” Thompson says.

Mile End has been slowly pushing themselves in a different sonic direction from their earlier EPs. “Avarice” explores some of the modern metallic approach the band has flirted with recently in live settings. It also sounds a bit like early Refused, which is a largely untapped influence in modern hardcore. 

This song will be part of a larger release, but it's unclear exactly how that will take shape. The band has plenty of material in the vault, so we can expect more from them in the near future. Mile End's frequent collaborator Davis Maxwell of Schoolhouse Recordings handled the production for “Avarice."


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