Field Day: Former Dag Nasty Members to Return with New 7” (SNEAK PEEK)

Photo: Albert Licano

Reuniting ex-Dag Nasty bassist Doug Carrion and vocalist Peter Cortner, Field Day originally emerged in 2019, performing songs from their former group's Wig Out at Denko's (1987) and Field Day (1988) albums. The influential material was celebrated by crowds throughout North America, many who never got to see Dag Nasty during the late '80s.

Not content with simply resting on their past discography, Doug and Peter decided to create new music under the Field Day flag. Hooking up with Unity Worldwide Records (Battery, Tuning), the label co-owned by Joe Foster (Winds of Promise, Ignite, Unity), Field Day will be releasing 2.0, a new 7" featuring two tracks.

No Echo has partnered with Field Day to bring you an audio teaser of "Searching for the Answers," a track from the new record, to whet the appetite:

I chatted with bassist Doug Carrion about all-things Field Day to bring everyone up to date.

How did you guys end up collaborating with Unity Worldwide Records? Did you know Joe Foster from his Unity and Ignite days way back?

Yes, I did know Joe Foster from back in the early punk days. Last year we reconnected, and he helped Field Day with some of our first flyer designs, he has a great eye. A year ago, he mentioned Unity Worldwide Records would be interested in working together. 2019 was a busy year for us, and after our last shows in December we jumped into the recording studio. I produced it, Cameron Webb (Pennywise, Motörhead) mixed it, but we were still looking for the right situation to release music.  

Eventually, Joe connected me to Sven from Unity Worldwide and that got the ball rolling. Sven explained that Field Day was on his wish-list of bands to work with in 2020, and he was determined to make this happen one way or the other. Thanks to Joe and Sven for everything. 

Since you’ve had quite a bit of touring under the belt now with Field Day, what have you learned about the band and what resonated with people the most about those songs/performances? 

Peter and I learned that people love the songs as much as we do, and really appreciate the opportunity to come out and sing along. We appreciate the opportunity to play shows, make new friends, hang with old friends and have fun. It’s been a really positive experience. I guess what resonates the most is the intensity and passion of the band, compounded by our motto “be humble and don’t suck.” I'm not sure what everyone expected, but to we do our best to have fun and to deliver the songs to the best of our ability... that really resonates. 

What’s the plan for Field Day once we all get out of this situation we find ourselves in?

First and foremost, our hearts go out to all the people around the world who have been affected by the virus, we send everyone lots of healing PMA, please be strong. We had to postpone a few shows because of the virus so our plan is to make good on our promises to the fans and promoters here in the United States which means make up shows. We are planning a trip at the end of October to the Netherlands and to Germany, we’re hoping that comes together, fingers crossed. Then back in the studio to record. We can’t wait to get back to playing shows and there is no place we would rather be then up there on stage performing. We miss you and are looking to celebrating ASAP!


The 2.0 7" will begin shipping in early June. Pre-orders are up in North America (RevHQ) and Europe (CoreTex). 

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