Manipulator: NYC Musician Unleashes Hellish Grindcore via “Tangled Insides” (PREMIERE)

Manipulator is the musical alter ego of New York City-based musician Andrew Notsch.

Also of instrumental progressive/post-metal band This Is the Last Time, Notsch, and formerly of tech-death metallers Sunless, among other groups, Notsch is clearly a adept student of the extreme sides of hardcore, metal, and punk.

On Manipulator's forthcoming sophomore album, Drawing Secret Circles, he combines grindcore and death metal into a sonic maelstrom that hits you over the head with machine-gun-like rhythms, harsh vocals, and guitars that sound like they were forged in an industrial warehouse.

No Echo got its hands on the music video for "Tangled Insides" from the forthcoming album to whet your appetite, and you'll see we weren't kidding with our description:

"From the mind and mouth of Tim Bradley, including a guest vocal spot from him, ‘Tangled Insides’ tells a disgusting tale of trial, error and repetition," Notsch told us about the collaboration.

"In addition to the vinyl and digital album, Drawing Secret Circles is paired with a music video that runs the course of the entire record. The album also features its own video game developed by SpaceMicroscope, the creator of SwordCar, where the listener can play along to the album, and each track is a level.

"An accompanying art book features companion art pieces which visually tie-in with the music video and video game, making for a fully immersive experience. In addition to shirts, patches, and more, the merch for Drawing Secret Circles also features a DVD version of the video and more."

Drawing Secret Circles will be released on November 3rd. The LP is a single-sided 12" vinyl in two variants, with 100 copies each – Purple Splatter and Silver Swirl – in conjunction with multiple underground labels: Wise Grinds Records, Here Is Nowhere Records, Dead Red Queen Records, and Psychocontrol Records in Europe (all pre-orders are linked here).


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