Jävelin: Venom Meets D-Beat on Finnish Band's Debut Album

"Venom and d-beat, that is the core of the Jävelin sound."

That's how the members of Jävelin respond when I asked the band about their stylistic approach. You gotta love their directness, especially since it's a dead-on description of what the Finnish band is doing.

"Sometimes we throw in some rock 'n' roll, speed metal or even proto death/thrash to the mix. We don't write songs that are particularly long or complicated, but we try to include stuff like memorable choruses, catchy bridges or sneaky guitar solos—no boring parts!"

Making their debut back in late 2021 via the Black Magic Nightmare EP, the Helsinki-based outfit recently released their debut album, a self-titled 12-track ripper:

"After doing our debut EP Black Magic Nightmare, new songs kept on coming, and soon it was time to record our debut album," Jävelin wrote No Echo. "Just like BMN, we recorded live in our rehearsal place, so the album captures the energy and old school sound production we are aiming for!

"We got Toni 'Kannibalet' Hietomaa to do the album artwork and he really knocked it out of the park with the painting. Lyric wise, there is some serious current world topics, but mainly your basic satanic, nerdy, fun, metal stuff!"

Closing out this introduction piece, the Jävelin dudes offered up some love for their local music scene. "There are so many great old-school metal and hardcore bands in Finland at the moment, it's crazy! 

"You better check out these guys: Bonehunter, Alucard, Vomit Hammer, Violent Spirit, G.A.Z.E, Scumripper, Sonic Poison, Vitriolic, Malicious... the list just goes on and on."


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