Cell Rot, Violent Spirals (Vitriol Records, 2018)

After first releasing their demo back in 2016 to much underground acclaim, Oakland, CA’s Cell Rot has finally released their debut full-length, Violent Spirals.

The crushing 11-song record clocks in at just over 18 minutes of pure, raging hardcore.

The band managed to find the exact sweet spot between Deathreat's Consider It War and His Hero Is Gone's Monument to Thieves albums, and then send it through a Youth Attack filter.

It’s raw, abrasive, it’s all really fucking hard, and yet, still there’s a whole lot of groove.

The material on Violent Spirals is ripping enough for everyone who wants to frontflip off of a speaker and somehow, still smart enough to keep the attention of everyone else. 

Cell Rot at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records, Oakland, CA, 2017. (Photo: Michael D. Thorn)

You can stream Violent Spirals in its entirety on Bandcamp. The LP is available for pre-order at Vitriol Records and comes on collector "Black vinyl" for its first press out of 300. 

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