Liar’s Tongue Debut New Vocalist on “The Infernal Region” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Christina Walker

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Liar's Tongue dropped their superb debut full-length, Threat of Intellect, just last year. A crossover thrash band through and through, the group formed in 2014 and took their time, fine-tuning their songwriting to their best musical strengths. In other words, this is a band that write songs, not just a collection of tracks with a bunch of cool guitar riffs and breakdowns thrown together.

Now featuring vocalist Mike Collins, Liar's Tongue are ready to unleash "The Infernal Region," the first taste of the band with their new frontman. Guitarist Tyler Statler told me about the song: "The title of this track is called 'The Infernal Region,' which is another meaning for hell. We wanted to write a metaphorical song in which the Infernal Region is supposed to be your own personal hell. The interpretation behind the song is expressing how the evils of the world can take control of people and the way they think or feel. This is a part of of sequence of songs that we will plan on covering more in depth through our lyrics with our upcoming EP.

Liar's Tongue have not set a release date yet for their forthcoming EP, but they've set up a run of US tour dates starting on May 19 in Colorado Springs. If you haven't done so already, check out the group's Threat of Intellect album on their Bandcamp page.

Tour dates:
5/19 Colorado Springs, Colorado @ The Black Sheep
5/20 Des Moines, Iowa @ D-Bags
5/21 Minneapolis, Minnesota @ Paperhouse
5/22 Milwaukee, Wisconsin @ JJ’s
5/23 Louisville, Kentucky @ Spinellis 
5/24 Roanoke, Virginia @ The Shanty
5/25 Moncks Corner, South Carolina @ Black Sparrow Tattoo studio
5/26 Jacksonville, Florida @ Rain Dogs (with Sledge & Fatebringer)
5/27 Panama City, Florida @ Blasted Screen Print (with Sledge & Fatebringer)
5/28 Decatur, Alabama @ The Roach Motel (with Sledge & Fatebringer)
5/29 Memphis, Tennessee @ Hitone Cafe (with Sledge & Fatebringer)
5/30 Houston, Texas @ The White Swan (with Sledge & Fatebringer)
5/31 Dallas, Texas @ Renos (with Sledge & Fatebringer)
6/1 Albuquerque, New Mexico @ The Warehouse (with Fatebringer)

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