High Praise Create Captivating Dreamscape with “Panik”

Photo: Kevin Fagan

Comprised of musicians Matt Traxler (Brandston) and artist/Illustrator Kevin Fagan (S.S.&C.), High Praise is a duo cooking up an all-instrumental brew of dreampop and other tripped-out atmospherics. Written and tracked between 2018 and 2018, the Cleveland act's brand-new debut album, Forever Ever After, is a captivating affair that is as haunting as it is goregous. 

Today, I wanted to highlight a track called "Panik" from the album that does a wonderful job of showcasing the ethereal soundscapes Forever Ever After offers:

"'Panik' came about late one Friday night in our studio, while trying to set levels and tones," says the duo about the song. "We hit these few notes that created a sort of dissonant tension, and we both just kept playing. The entire piece was written and recorded in one take, then later edited into this track. We attempted to hone the anxious energy of these notes into a mood of complete isolation."

Forever Ever After is out now via Steadfast Records and available on CD, cassette, and digital. Follow High Praise on Instagram.

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