City of Industry Keeps Up Their Furious Pace with False Flowers Album (PREMIERE)

Photo: Christian Banfield

No Echo first covered City of Industry back in 2018, and since then, the Seattle-based trio has kept quite busy.

During that span of time, the hardcore band has released two full-length albums—American Habits Are Hard to Break (2018) and Conspire Conspire Conspire (2019)—and an EP, I Digress, earlier this very year.

With a sound that has drawn comparisons to Ceremony, Dystopia, and His Hero is Gone, City of Industry joined forces with engineer Nich Wilbur at the Unknown in Anacortes, Washington, the studio owned by musician Phil Elverum (Mt. Eerie, The Microphones), to track their third album, False Flowers.

Though it's officially not out til tomorrow, No Echo is presenting the entire record for your listening pleasure below:

"This album is by far the most complex, different, and varied thing we've done ever," City of Industry vocalist/guitarist Ossa Humiliata told No Echo via email, "especially in comparison to our 5-minute debut EP.

"[Bassist] Jack [Thompson] has been making fun of me saying things like, 'Man, if I would have told you back in 2017 that you'd be writing a record like False Flowers, you'd laugh in my face!' Which is very true."

"Fucked Up is my all-time favorite band by far and their lyricism has definitely inspired me. I also like poetry. Most prominent influences are Rilke and Auden. A few song titles and concepts off of False Flowers are directly related to some books a friend gave me to read.

"They are personal journal entries from a Russian Orthodox saint, St. John of Kronstadt. Very interesting stuff."

Photo: Nich Wilbur

False Flowers is out December 4th via Amerikan Aesthetics. Pick up both the physical and digital versions on City of Industry's Bandcamp page.

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