Phantom Lung: Steam Two Ferocious New Tracks from Toronto Grind Squad (PREMIERE)

It's been a busy yet fruitful year for Phantom Lung. The Toronto, Ontario-based grindcore outfit started the first quarter of 2023 by releasing their debut EP, Abhorrent Entity, and they're already back with new music to feast on.

Comprised of two new tracks, Abhorrent Entity II: Moribund serves as a bridge to the band's next chapter. Yes, Phantom Lung already are gearing up for the release of the third and final chapter of the Abhorrent Entity trilogy, which will be released at the end of summer of this year with a 4-song EP.  

In terms of their musical style, Phantom Lung's sound brings to mind the relentless power of Terrorizer, Wormrot, and Rotten Sound.

Take a listen to Abhorrent Entity II: Moribund below to get yourself acquainted with these Toronto grind fiends:

"What’s interesting is both of these songs were the most recently written immediately after the release of Abhorrent Entity," said Phantom Lung vocalist Andy Dinner in an email to No Echo. "We’re releasing the third installment by the end of summer and 3 of the 4 we’re written before almost all of the material on the first EP. 

"I don’t know what that means to you, but these songs have been written for three plus years and have been marinating and chipped away and rebuilt over and over. I think 'Moribund' even though short says lot and is raw and to the point—I think it’s fitting for right now, like an itch that needs to be scratched."


Abhorrent Entity II: Moribund will be out on June 30th across all streaming outlets.

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