Eyes Front: Edmonton Hardcore Outfit Pays Tribute to Their Hometown on New Track (PREMIERE)

Photo: Agnes Benson

Edmonton, Alberta outfit Eyes Front first appeared on the scene via their The Destruction Outside Our Windows demo in 2020. 

Influenced by both '90s hardcore and thrash metal, Eyes Front keeps things thrusting forward with driving rhythms and thrashy guitar riffs that get stuck inside your head. 

Forging a connection with Mangoe Records earlier this year, the band will be releasing their debut EP later this year. For now, hit the player below to check out a track called "Tied to the Tracks" from the forthcoming extended play:

"The song is a love letter to the City of Champions we call home. Edmonton is always taking L’s, but the people just keep fighting back," Eyes Front vocalist Chris tells No Echo.

"We’re a city where everyone wants to leave at some point but won’t because we’ve tied ourselves to its track. There's pride in where we live, and I know that’s something everyone can relate to wherever you are. We’re considered a city of underdogs, but we’ll knock you the fuck out.” 

The "Tied to the Tracks" single will be available on all streaming outlets beginning tomorrow (April 26th). Stay tuned for an EP coming befor the end of the year.

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