Alarm!: Crushing Hardcore Band Featuring 3/4th of Victims to Drop Debut LP (LISTEN)

When you have three former members of Victims — Gareth Smith (guitars), Jon Lindqvist (bass), and Andy Henriksson (drummer) — within your band lineup, you are guaranteed to get my attention.

Meet Alarm!, a hardcore punk outfit based out of Stockholm, Sweden, a region with a rich history in such things. Rounding out the lineup in Alarm! is Henrik Lindqvist, the former vocalist of '90s hardcore band Outlast, which also featured bassist Jon within their ranks. 

Formed in 2023, Alarm!'s sound gains a certain epic-sounding flair courtesy of Jon's bass lines which dance around the higher notes on the fretboard. In Victims, he handles guitar duties, so the switch yielded unique results.

It was just announced that Armageddon Label (Dropdead, Bastard Noise) will be releasing Alarm!'s debut album, a self-titled affair recorded and mixed by Linus Björklund at Studio Ryssviken, with vocals recorded by Markus Sana-Johnsson. Check out two tracks from the LP below:

The band have played a slew of shows since forming last year, including a trip tp Spain with Barcelona’s Enchastre earlier this year. Alarm! will be appearing on the second instalment of Malmö-based Quarantined Records' Greetings From Sweden compilation, and a follow-up EP to the debut album is already in the works. 

Alarm! will be out on June 14th via Armageddon Label (pre-order).

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