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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Victim of Fire

Photo: Madi Smith

Band: Victim of Fire
From: Denver, Colorado

Their formation story:
(Austin, guitar/vocals): "Victim of Fire started in 2016 as a side project I was doing to fill some downtime in the studio one winter. I had always wanted to start a crust/death metal band, and so I wrote the first record by myself and had some homies do some vocals on it. Eight years later in 2024 we find ourselves a 'real' band about to record our third full-length record.

"Having played over 100 shows in the last 2 years around the United States, we are looking forward to playing everywhere and anywhere that will have us. We jokingly refer to ourselves as Denver's 'best' stadium crust band, the reality is that we are more like the only ones doing it [laughs]."
Their sound in their own words:
"Everyone hates defining the genre of the band they play, and all jokes about 'Stadium Crust' aside but I generally just call us a 'blackened crust' band."

"We have been compared to Disfear, Tragedy, and Black Breath and they are clearly huge influences of ours. We love all kinds of European crust/death metal, I love melodeath and black metal as well and pull a lot of vocal influence from Carcass and Dismember. Pretty much if it's from Europe and it has guitar harmonies and there are instances of the d-beat we are big fans."

Latest release info:
"We just released a 3-song promo/demo of new songs that will be on our upcoming third LP we are currently working on. We tried to pick three songs that are a good representation of the new record. The new record will hopefully be done tracking soon. We are all crazy busy and in multiple bands so it's a lot of a balancing act. 

The new record is more of a refinement of 'our' sound, meaning this is the first full record that all of us have had a say in recording our individual parts, and it's not just me recording almost everything minus drums like previous releases. We are super excited for everyone to hear it. Easily some of our best songs we have ever written on this album, as well as a few songs that are hitting newer territory for us."

Future plans:
"Mostly just getting the new record finished and then seeing if any labels would be interested in helping us release it, also hoping to find a booking agent to help us book some bigger and better tours as well. If anyone out there wants to manage us or release a 'stadium crust' record in 2024 they can hit us up anytime!

We have a couple of summer hometown shows planned, and then we have a west coast tour in the works for September and are looking to tour the south in December as well. So a lot of work still to come but we are all excited for it."
What other bands from their region should we check out?

"Definitely check out Upon a Fields Whisper from Colorado Springs, they are one of our favorite bands to play with. They do the 'epic crust' thing amazingly well. The homies in Cronos Compulsion, Harvested, Aleister Cowboy, and Obscene Worship are some ripping death metal bands worth checking out. Seed of the Sorcerer Womb of the Witch are our favorite doom band to play with in Denver.     

"All of us are also in other bands around Denver as well. Dustin and I play in Only Echoes (Instrumental post metal), and Marc plays in Asbestos (hardcore punk) and The Nervous (post-punk). Ben (who is our 5th member/fill in bassist) and I also play in Ignorant Bliss (beatdown hardcore) and we also both play in Oreyn (post-black metal) as well. Tons of great bands in Denver right now and there are a lot of newer bands popping up weekly it seems."

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