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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Velocity

Photo: Max Roahrig

Band: Velocity
From: Bloomington, Indiana

Their formation story:
(Chance, bass): "Me and Kahler's other band, Full Stride, had some riffs he wrote that didn't really fit the React! Records style we go for in that band, so he was like, 'let's start another band with Betsy and Matt.'"

(Kahler, guitar): "I mostly wanna note that one of the main reasons I wanted to start the band was because of the Springfield Crew and how they are all in so many bands with each other, gotta shout 'em out."

Their sound in their own words:
(Chance, bass): "Kahler writes most of the riffs, so I can't speak directly for him, but I would say the more pissed off side of '00s Youth Crew like Carry On. Maybe that Chicago flavor of it, like The Few and the Proud or Expired Youth. I wouldn't necessarily call us Youth Crew (I'm the only straight edge member, but it's a big influence for all of us.

"There's some early '00s Boston stuff in there as well, like Stop and Think. And a lot of our friends influence us too, like Prevention and Shroud from Springfield, and Anklebiter (Northeast)."

(Betsy, vocals): "I'd agree that we're not Youth Crew but we're definitely influenced, I love Floorpunch, Chain of Strength, Ten Yard Fight, Youth of Today. I wanted to rip off Ray Cappo so badly. It's important to us that we are dancey."

Latest release info:
(Betsy, vocals): "This is our first demo, first release. It's just our first batch of songs we've written. We recorded it with Bill Stack in Indianapolis, he records a lot of demos for the Bloomington and Indianapolis hardcore scene. The art is by our friend Joey Goergen.

"We're going to put it out on Chance and Tina's (another friend in the scene) Bloomington, Indiana tape label, RTR Tapes."

Future plans:
(Betsy, vocals): "It'll be a while before we do anything like a long run since all of Velocity's members are busy with a few other bands/projects, plus Chance and I book/throw Bloomington shows."

(Chance, bass): "We plan to keep rockin' for the foreseeable future."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"WAD, Desensitize, Full Stride (Chance and Kahler), Situational Hazard, Negative Glow, What Counts (Chance), GoGoGo, Epoxi, and Wind (Kahler) are all Bloomington bands we play with a lot.

"Indianapolis is basically our brother scene so I have to shout out Pat and the Pissers, Inner Peace, My Big Hot Wife, DRLN, Rest Assured, Dirt Merchant, Live Suffer Die, Slur, Senescence, Ruthless Aggression, Kiddo, and Colossal Man (from Fort Wayne). Also shout out Springfield hardcore and Ohio hardcore."


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