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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: KOTM

Photo: Michelle "Pixie Lish" Gomez

Band: KOTM
From: Indianapolis, Indiana

Their formation story:
(Taylor, guitar): "KOTM (King of the Monsters) started shortly after my last band ended. Dave (vocalist) was our merch guy/ road manager in the last band, and since that was done we decided to start a hardcore project. We were already homies with Dre (drummer) who was looking to do something similar, and he was ready to just play violent spinkicking jams like us. 

"In the very beginning, we had another guy also on guitar, but he ended up not working out due to scheduling, but immediately after parting ways with him we found Zack who was the perfect fit musically/vibe wise."

Their sound in their own words:
"'Angry' is a solid one word choice to describe us. Just a clear cut punch to the face. I think our main goal when writing music is to sound hard, and be hard. Some of our influences would be Hatebreed, Entombed, Terror, Nails, The Acacia Strain, pro wrestling, and Godzilla."

Latest release info:
"Our demo just dropped on June 7th and is a pure 13 minutes of hard mosh ass whoopin'. There’s just so many things we are proud of on this release. Dave's lyrics are definitely personal to him, but they’re easily relatable for most anyone going through it. There’s a riff on here that Zack wrote as a kid with his childhood friend that passed. Dre’s drumming is completely holding all of this down, and our grimey HM2 guitar tone just giving ya that stank face while punching air."

Future plans:
"Playing shows, and writing more music. We just bought a van and Zack's been killing it with getting all of it road ready!  We’re hungry and ready to keep moving forward as a band."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Everyone you love needs to start spinkicking and ass beatin to Crossfire, Split Intentions, Rest Assured, Piss Ant, Iron Sight, Bolster, Persuade, Game of Death, Gagger, Dayz Lost, Blistered Spirit, and to the death metal homies Ripped Open, Hamarr, Feticide, 1 Body 6 Graves, and Flesher."

KOTM on social media: Instagram