Don’t Sleep: East Coast Hardcore Band Reveals Album Details, Drops “Refine Me” Music Video

Photo: Dani Fresh

Ever since they first appeared on the scene back a few years back, No Echo has been singing the praises of Don't Sleep. Featuring vocalist Dave Smalley (DYS, Dag Nasty, ALL, Down By Law), bassist Garrett Rothman (Junction), drummer Jim Bedorf, and guitarists Tom McGrath (Very Americans) and Tony Bavaria (The Commercials, Very Americans), the band creates the kind of melodic hardcore that is immune to any stupid era-related trends.

After issuing two EPs—Don't Sleep in 2017 and Bring the Light in 2018—the group will be releasing a full-length album, Turn the Tide, in September. Today, we're treated to the premiere of the music video for "Refine Me," a track from the forthcoming record. 

“We need to take inspiration from those that try to bring us down," says Dave Smalley while explaining the inspiration behind the new song. "Either through work, or family, or sadly in music—we get hurt in life, we all feel pain. People will betray you and as the old saying goes, 'what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger' echoes that truth, and 'Refine Me' acts as a reminder to remember that.

"It is important to be forged and refined by the flames of adversity. Let your enemies make you stronger.”

Produced by Carson Slovak, Grant McFarland, Walter Schreifels (Quicksand, Rival Schools), and Matt Holmes, with Brian McTernan (Be Well, Battery) engineering the drums on 3 cuts, Turn the Tide is being released by Mission Two Entertainment, the new label owned and operated by Tony Brummel, the founder of Victory Records.

“This was the longest period of time to make an album, but when Tony Brummel loved the first batch of songs and said, 'OK, go back in the studio and write some additional songs, be free, let it flow.' This was the first time a record company president has ever said that to me. It was a catharsis, and a challenge. And it really did flow, because of that came 'The Wreckage,' 'True North,' and 'December.' 

"All of those songs, mixed in with the melodic fury we felt, make this a really powerful, distinctive hardcore album. It's one I hope will have the same kind of impact for people that classic albums had for me when I was coming up. You can hear it. Don't Sleep is a distinctive band."

Don't Sleep w/ Walter Schreifels and Brian McTernan @ Salad Days Studios, Baltimore, MD, 2019.

Turn the Tide will be out on September 4 via Mission Two Entertainment and can be pre-ordered here.


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