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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Hardik

Photo: @karoketek / @alidirgaa

Band: Hardik
From: Tasikmalaya, Indonesia

Their formation story:
(Ilham Sabilla, bass): "So, Hardik kicks off when Edi (our ex-vocalist) decides he wants to start a band with that '80s hardcore punk vibe, ya know? He ropes in a bunch of mates, and after a few jams, boom, Hardik's born.

"But then, just before our first gig, Edi bails. But, we ain't ones to quit. Ilham and Angga hit up Nahla, and she's in! Been spittin' fire with us ever since, bringing mad ideas to the table."

Their sound in their own words:
"We're keepin' that '80s rock band sound alive but adding a dash of modern flavor. Nahla's vocals? Sharp as a tack, adding some real punch to certain lyrics. Plus, we're mixing in bits from all over, exploring with our sound.

"When it comes to style, Nahla's all about the vibes, keeping it fresh and never dull. Hardcore punk's all about freedom, man. And we're diggin' bands like Bikini Kill, their music and vibe speak to us."

Latest release info:
(Nahla Nabila, vocals): "Our latest EP, Frihet, picks up where Anger Catastrophe left off. It's all about breaking free from the chaos and dodging the traps of the world. Frihet is like our ticket outta there, with some spooky anime visuals and a splash of psychedelics."

Future plans:
(Nahla Nabila, vocals): "We're about to hit the road. Touring outside our city's just the start. We're dreaming big, thinking globally. Hardik's all about pushing boundaries, so expect some wilder, more experimental stuff from us next time around."

What are some other bands in their region we should check out?
"Oh, if you're looking for more tunes like ours, check out some of our local faves: Sarkas, Strawberry Pills, Laxx, Vexed, Guu, and Gloath. They're killin' it too!"

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