Hexicon: Pasadena Trio Explores Crushing Sound on “Void King”

Photo: Brian Linek

With a sound that is impossible to label with a single genre tag, meet Hexicon. The trio was formed in Pasadena, California by vocalist Young Heller, drummer Andrew Cox , and guitarist Austin Cox. Andrew and Austin are brothers and knew Young a long time before he moved to the LA area for a job at Marvel animation.

"We incorporate a pretty wide array of heavy music, from hardcore to thrash, doom, and death, with a little bit of noise and electronics," Andrew tells No Echo about Hexicon's sound. "It's a little mathy and dynamic with a good dose of melody. A lot of influence from Hydra Head bands like Botch, Cave In, and Converge, especially since I worked at the label for 8 years."

Hexicon recently released a music video for their latest single, "Void King." It's the follow-up to the band's "Emerald Queen" single from earlier this year, and their 2022 debut album, Leave It All Behind.

The clip for "Void King" was directed by Andrew and filmed in Marin County, California:

Young was inspired to write "Void King" by an ayahuasca vision of a deep conscious void enshrined in green fire. His lyrics explore the "cycles of life and death, and the intangible void that pervades our reality."  

When asked about the local music scene that Hexicon is part of, Andrew shared the following thoughts: "The vastness of Los Angeles can kind of spread the scene thin, but we are trying to build up our little corner in Pasadena. We're starting to put on shows at Remainders, the art space where Austin and I work.

"Auteur is another great band we're friends with. They play mathy, angular hardcore and put on a killer live show. Badlotto is another hardcore kid who has branched out into droney experimental music and supports the scene by filming a lot of shows."

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