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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Cömmune

Photo: Hasbi & Aji Pamunqkas

Band: Cömmune
From: Pangkalpinang, Indonesia

Their formation story:
(Dedes, drums): "Hailing from Pangkalpinang in the Bangka Belitung Islands province of Indonesia, Cömmune started to form around the end of 2023. Rage (guitar), Farid (bass), Allqo (vocals) gave me the idea of ​​starting a band. We started looking for riffs, got some demos and started jamming together in at that time."

Their sound in theor own words:
"Musically, we play the kind of unhinged chain punk with d-beat influences that you’d hear from bands on labels like Static Shock or Beach Impediment."

Latest release info:
"Cömmune released a ferociously noisy, raw, and unrelenting demo in 2023. Earlier this month, we returned with a two-song promo from our upcoming 10-track EP to be released by local Pangkalpinang label Shauto Records with thin production and songs that rarely break the one-minute mark. The upcoming release promises to be a real cracker!"

Future plans:
"The EP is currently in the mixing and mastering process with my friend, Swamp Noise, in Padang/West Sumatra, one of my friends from another island in Indonesia is also working on the cover art. After that, we will play a record release show and tour around the island of Sumatra with several bands from here."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"These are some of our favorite local bands: Circle War, Tajjam, Mi'raj, Creep, Budak, Antanan, Spear, Evil Shrine, Injecting Whip, Primal Impact, Fumus, Flux, Life Force, Unspec, Hook, Blazed, Bloodshot, and many other crazy bands!

"Oh yes, I almost forgot one thing, friends everywhere, if you want to tour Bangka Island, let us know about it. [Laughs] We will be happy if new friends tru drinking Arak and enjoy the beach waves while getting drunk! Contact us at [email protected] and [email protected]."

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