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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Cold Case BHC

Photo: Ashley Dackers Azzola

Band: Cold Case BHC
From: Boston, Massachusetts

Their formation story:
(Guitarist Jason Guigno): "Shortly before the pandemic, my band, Empire, split up and like most of the world at that time, I had some things to sort out along the way. I didn't want to leave playing in a band behind after that, and in early 2022, after an encouraging conversation with my wife, I began to work on this project. I pieced some preliminary stuff together, and after I found a style that I was happy with, I called Pat (drummer), reigniting a conversation we had about starting a project a couple years back and he basically said he was waiting for the call [laughs].

"From there, my brother Eric caught wind of what I was doing and asked for a shot at vocals and was a perfect fit. In a short while we had a 5-song EP written and recorded. (Thanks Ryan Stack @ The Noise Floor and Eric Sauter @ Blackheart Sound)

"During that time, I received a message from my old MMA coach and friend (Nick) who was curious about what I had going on from a clip or two I posted online. I showed him the EP and he's now the second guitar and fits great. Currently, we have a fill-in bassist who may become permanent (Jared). He has a Project called Dead Deal with Pat (check it out), and both bands usually practice one after the other. The cool part about that is Jared was always willing do jump in and help sort out a riff idea when we crossed paths."

Their sound in their own words:
"When I started messing around with a sound, I had three main bands in mind that do a lot of things well, and I took some elements I loved from each to focus on:

• Hatebreed - Huge sound, good bass tone, clear, but pissed vocals, and good crowd vocals
•First Blood - Nailed that metallic hardcore sound, has tight chugs accented well by the drummer, cool vocal patterns, build ups, and "Victim" has that sick slam in it.
•Recon - Crushing, dark harmonies included here and there. They completely just go for it as far as heavy.

"So, from there, with my own style, and the things I like to do, I was able to get a good sample of songs together. 
Then after getting Pat and Eric involved, the style really blossomed to what you see on the EP."

Latest release info:
"This is our first release and we are very happy with it. To me, the sound does reflect the subject matter and vice/versa. The title, Beyond Recognition, in conjunction with the band's name, Cold Case BHC, is a reflection on how pieces of us, good and bad, die off, as we live through our experiences in this world, and how unfamiliar this world can become to us as we move through it.

"I believe that there's something in this EP for everyone, both lyrically and musically."

Future plans
"From the time the band started up to today, it has been just about a year and we just activated our pages. We want to continue to have fun with it. We are looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones and watching everyone go off to our music!

"As far as actual logistics, our Immediate plan is to build a fanbase with the EP, by passing it around on socials and get some shows lined up. (Thank you, No Echo, for the Spotlight!) From there, we would like to do some weekenders up and down the East Coast and eventually get on a fun fest. At some point we will be shooting to do an LP and we definitely want to release that with label support if we have anyone interested at the time."

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
"Dysentery, Street Power, Back of Tha Neck, The World, Shortest Life, Last Sight, Hard Target,
Troll Milk, Witch Cake, Dead Deal, Adrienne, Risk, Buried Dreams, Crone Visions, Graveborn."

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