Primal Horde, Primal Horde (Barbaric Brutality, 2024)

Montréal’s Primal Horde is releasing a follow up to their 2023 EP, Primal Tomb.

I had a chance to listen Primal Horde's self-titled forthcoming 3-song monster, and you’ll definitely want to be ordering this.

The band plays a style of death metal akin to bands like Creeping Death or Genocide Pact. The caveman mentality is strong! However, the quartet somehow manages to add extra vitriol and punishment to their songs compared to their counterparts.

They are also very concise and to the point. Their formula sets the stage for blistering, short, heavy journeys in brutality. Their phrase “Hard Death” hits the nail on the head.

The first song on the EP, "Bloodsoaked," starts shredding out the gate with an evil sounding tremolo riff, then the song continues to bludgeon you with heavy riffs. The drumming sounds amazing and really sharpens the blades from the first song to the last.

The next track, "Killing Fields," throws you into a killer groove that keeps expanding. The song's lyrics are ridiculously appropriate as the theme to the 2nd song is to destroy push pitters!

“Spirals of Fists
Hammers Swinging
Face the Fury
of Thousand Spinkicks”

By the end of the song..

“Helot of the Circle of Violence
Push Pitters Six Feet Under
Six Feet Under”

Closer "The Six" does not let the EP lose momentum in any way. I simply love how easy this is to digest, but not at all tiring and great to come back for a relisten.

Photo: Alice Hirsch

I definitely recommend listening to Primal Horde when it is released. I know I definitely will be watching this band. I will mention, the production on this release is flawless.

The release was mixed and mastered by Hunter Young and Brandan Lopez from Digital Ghost Audio (formerly The Swamp Sound).

Primal Horde be released on June 7th with cassettes, skate decks, hats, and shirts all available from Barbaric Brutality

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