Mourn: Canadian Metallic HC Crew Bring Doom Riffs on “Cross Off My Name” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Rick Beaulieu

Split between Kitchener and Guelph in Ontario, Mourn is a Canadian metallic hardcore group with riffs on their mind. Featuring drummer Tim Waugh and bassist Lukas Nicholson, both of the band Exalt, Mourn have a penchant for the same kind of sludgy, molasses-thick guitar punishment Crowbar is known for. Guitarists Sam Checchia and Chris Michaud have the whole vibe down, laying down black blankets of riffs for vocalist Randy McAllister to scream over.

At the end of the month, Mourn will dropping Beneath the Beloved Axe, an album sure to deliver the goods in the heavy hardcore department. Check out a track from the record called "Cross Off My Name" below:

"I wrote this song when I was at a pretty low point in my life, to be honest that's when I wrote most of this album," says Randy. "This song in particular is about feeling defeated and feeling like I had made all the wrong choices that ultimately put me in the situation I was in. It's about just giving up on life, which at the time I had done, I was waving the white flag. I had been struggling mentally and got to the point of actually contemplating death. I was ready for the world to 'cross off my name.'"

Beneath the Beloved Axe will hit stores March 26 via Walk A Mile Records. Give Mourn a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp.


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