Outside Weaves Atmospheric Guitars + Melancholic Melodies on “Green in You” (PREMIERE)

Photo: James Morgan

Back in 2014, the musicians that ultimately formed Outside were playing in hardcore punk bands, looking to explore the moodier side of aggressive rock.

Over the course of an LP and a few EPs, the Michigan/Ohio-based outfit have developed a sound that they're fired up about, one that expoldes with both atmospheric guitar riffs and hooky vocal melodies. 

Written in sessions throughout the last couple of years, Outside's sophomore album, Green in You, is being teased via its melancholic title track:

"The song is a reminder to myself as well as an analysis of my tendencies throughout the years," drummer/vocalist Evin Daniels tells No Echo. "It is a reminder that although there are days that feel like my insecurities will ultimately drown me, I have so many things in life to appreciate.

"It looks at how I perceive friendships with others and living in fear of inevitably losing everyone I love, and those that come in and out of my life; it’s a fairly relatable topic. The song takes on a double meaning, because it is also looking at someone who I am very close with and how we are one and the same at times.

"The phrase 'green in you' is the light that I believe everyone has inside of them; we all want that light to shine. And even in our darkest moments, which is referenced as the color blue, we still hope someone can see that light we possess."

Green in You will be out November 27th via Head2Wall Records. Pre-order the physical here, and if you want it on digital, hit Bandcamp up.


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