Stud Count: New Philly Group Explores Abrasive Yet Catchy Sound on Debut Track (PREMIERE)

Counting such influences as Wipers, Garbage, and Husker Dü, Stud Count is a new Philadelphia-based band featuring some familiar faces. Yep, the fresh endeavor is comprised of current/former members of Dividing Line, Fluoride, Absinthe Father, and Fixation, but this isn't some side project kind of affair.

Combining an abrasive post-punk edge with a melodic undercurrent beneath it all, Stud Count features drummer Bret Hart, vocalist Norelle Green, bassist Haley Butters, and No Echo contributor Matthew Green on guitars.

With lyrics about reflection, transition, and frustration, "That's How (I Get It)" should serve as the perfect introduction to Stud Count for all No Echo readers:

"That's How (I Get It)" lyrics:

That’s how I get it, that’s how I get it from nothin 
That’s how I get it, that’s how I get it from you
no concrete callouses
nothing gracing your ears
Play no insecurities
Just your typical fears

That’s how I get it, that’s how I get it from nothing
That’s how I get it from you

No cost for brevity, common courtesy burns
the city echoes with the voice I’ve heard 
no human kindness in the streets of grey;
and to think I cherished that it works that way
God knows I’m learning what this world gives;
a hole in my head, a hole in my head

Stud Count is already on Bandcamp and Instagram, so give them a follow.


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