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Record Collector: Brandon Friesen, aka butterswax

Brandon "Butters" Friesen lives in Grande Prairie, a city in northwest Alberta, Canada. While I've never been to Grand Prairie, I think it would be safe to say that no one there is a bigger fan of Fat Wreck Chords than Mr. Butters. Taking a look at his Instagram feed, it's clear the guy is very familiar with the label's hallowed catalog. But that's not all he's into. In this new Record Collector entry, we get to learn a bit more about Brandon's music obsessions.

How long have you been collecting records?

Passively, since 2012, but I really got into it three years ago.

Where do you usually find your records?

I tend to buy straight from labels or bands as it's the cheapest and easiest way to support the musicians and labels. I don't have a record store in my town, so online is the best way. That and buying records at shows or on Instagram and Discogs from other collectors. 

What is the most you've paid for a single record, what was it, and how did you go about obtaining it?

I paid $100 for the first two 7 Seconds 7"s a while back (second and first pressing). Other than that, I can't think of a huge purchase of late. I'm usually pretty cheap, so I wait for good deals. 

What is your most cherished record?

Probably my signed copy of Tales From Wyoming by Teenage Bottlerocket signed by Brandon before he passed away. That or any other signed records or setlists from shows. They remind me of the best times of my life. 


Teenage Bottlerocket - Tales From Wyoming Released by @riserecords in 2015 Blue w/ white splatter limited to /700 Signed by band Teenage Bottlerocket - American Deutsch Bag Release by @fat_wreck in 2013 Tour pressing limited to /314 Since it is @ray_bottlerocket and Brandon's birthday I thought I would post my very small @teenagebottlerocket collection. I got into these guys pretty early into my punk rock listening career (pretty sure it was the video to Skate Or Die) and have been in love ever since. Get to see them live with the @thecopyrights , @oldwives780 and The Blame it's and it's still probably the best punk show I've ever been to. #punk #teenagebottlerocket #punkvinyl #punkrock #poppunk #vinyl #vinyladdict #vinyljunkie #vinylrecords #vinyloftheday #vinylcollection #vinylcollector #vinylcommunity

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What annoys you about the current record collecting scene?

Re-sellers and jerks. People snatching up Fat Store pressings and flipping them for $200 plus. I also hate toxic jerks who take the hobby way too far or just treat people like trash because of follower numbers or dumb crap like that.

What records have you had a tough time tracking down?

The thing about collecting slow like I do is that I always have so much I'm looking for. A clear copy of Dead to Me's Cuban Ballerina and the first Against Me EP are always on the top of my list. Who knows, maybe I'll bit the bullet on them soon?


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