5 Bands from Buffalo to Watch Out For, by MikeUnion Jeffers (Juggernaut, Longest War)

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A NYC native, MikeUnion Jeffers has manned the drum throne for such bands as Dead to the World, Herod, Face the Panic, and Area Denial. Currently a member of Longest War,  Juggernaut, G.O.A., and Wrong the Oppressor, Mike has lived in Buffalo since his college years, and is busier than ever on the musical front. 

Since he's such an active member of the underground music scene there, I knew Mike would be the perfect person to hook the site up with a list of a few bands from the Buffalo area that we should all be checking out this year.

Voice of Dissent

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More on the hardcore punk side of the spectrum, Voice of Dissent combines the political perspective and humor of NOFX with the melodicism of Dag Nasty/Hüsker Dü. Their shows are a raucous affair. Full crowd participation, even if the crowd doesn’t want to participate. Luckily, the crowd always buys in. In your face, urgent. No BS posturing. They are a much needed addition to our scene. 

Grain Assault

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Grain Assault are the local DIY kings of Buffalo. More than a band, these kids have their own label, studio, and promote local shows. They help other bands in the scene, and can fit on just about any bill. Fast and abrasive by all accounts, easily embraced by the Maximum Rocknroll crowds, as well as the most macho of Buffalo’s underground. 

One Way Terror

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This is the band that combines all of the best elements of hardcore, melodic punk, and cock rock posturing.  The band is a virtual cross section of the underground:  Metal dude, hardcore dude, punk rocker, cock rocker. Fast and melodic. Every show is exciting. Speed. A band about to fly off the rails. 

Pure Heel

Photo: Lindsay Tripp

Primal, ugly hardcore. First wave core played by another mix of eldercore and newer jacks. Angry. Metaphorical. LA/NYHC/Boston hardcore via a filter only Buffalo could offer. Dudes crack me up. They instill a sense of danger, yet not enough to turn the kids away.

Selective Aggression

Photo: Spencer Chamberlain

Next generation Buffalo straight edge closely tied to the Clear Focus crew. Modern with classic nods. Breakdown heavy. NYHC meets RVA. More on the metalcore side of the spectrum. The band wears their edge on their sleeves proudly. Stomp!

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