Therapy: San Diego D-Beat Unit Wreaks Havoc on “Omen” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Oscar Aranda

In Atomic Action! Records' write-up for Therapy's forthcoming self-titled seven inch for their label, they mention such hard-hitting influences as Lipcream and 9 Shocks Terror. That's the kind of thing that will certainly get attention from the kind of people who read No Echo on a regular basis.

Listening to the San Diego unit, it's clear that Therapy live up to the speed-driven legacy of their musical heroes, and with a distinct vocal approach that leans into a scratchy, high-pitched attack that still manages to get the lyrics out clear enough to sink through your skull. Their aforementioned EP will be hitting stores in a few weeks and we're unleashing a track called "Omen" from the collection that crystalizes Therapy's frenzied D-beat perfectly:

Atomic Action! Records will begin shipping Therapy on January 11, 2020. Pre-orders are up now at this link.


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