The Funeral: Early ‘00s Syracuse Hardcore Band (Finally) Gets Proper Reissue Treatment

Photo: Carl Gunhouse

Like many hardcore bands, The Funeral only existed for a few years, but their mark was definitely left behind. From 2001 to 2004, the Syracuse, NY-based combo released two full-length albums and three demos, and supported them via shows around the Northeast. Originally conceived as a side project by musicians from Spark Lights the Friction and Darker Day Tomorrow, the mission was to write and perform darkened hardcore in the spirit of From Ashes Rise and Tragedy.

With the exception of their Endwell Records-issued Ruled By None full-length, The Funeral was a self-contained outfit that released their own material and booked their own tours. As much as that DIY spirit should always be applauded, it has made the band's complete musical output nearly impossible to curate. Now, Hex Records (owned by The Funeral vocalist Ryan Canavan) is putting that issue to rest via a 2XLP discography. Listen to a couple of tracks below:

Included in the Discography 2001-2004 double-LP is The Funeral's second full-length, a collection simply titled Final Recording. It was initially sold by the band at their last show on CD and only as a short-run pressing. Also included for the first time on vinyl in this new compilation is their cover of Infest's “Judge Me," which rips. The material on Discography 2001-2004 was remastered by Jason Randall of Moresound Studio and includes the demos, an unreleased track, and the aforementioned two full-lengths. The vinyl comes in a gatefold package with an accompanying booklet full of tons of photos, flyers, history, and an oral history of The Funeral compiled by Chuck Hickey of Black Sheep Squadron.

Discography 2001-2004 will be released on March 15 via Hex Records and can be pre-ordered today.

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