Takacs: Columbus Crossover Thrashers Unleash the Riffs on Deadfall LP

Photo: Phantom Limb Media 

Takacs is a crossover thrash band that started working together in 2021. The Columbus, Ohio quartet didn't waste time, getting down to business and started working on the material for their debut album, Deadfall, that same year.

"We lived together in Columbus and started playing shows years ago, but really locked into our current sound when the four of us started writing together a few years back," guitarist Chris Blain told No Echo via email.

Of Tackacs' sound, Chris shared the following: "Fast and loud. We all love blending thrash/speed metal with hardcore, so 'crossover thrash' is the best way to put it. Lately we've been inspired by Enforced, Judiciary, Pest Control, Turn Cold, and Bloodletter.

"We'll always pull inspiration from Metallica, Cro-Mags, Power Trip, and DRI."

Deadfall arrived this past June. "Our debut full-length blends various styles together, anchored by Garrett's [Woerndle] deranged vocals. We were able to work with Joel Grind and Ben McLeod for mastering and mixing, respectively. We recorded everything ourselves, which allowed us to put down exactly what we wanted. It kind of caps off the first era of the band, and gives us a great jumping off point for the next phase.

"The cover is by legendary artist, Mariusz Lewandowski (Lorna Shore, Fuming Mouth, Obituary). His painting captures the feelings of despair and chaos that we focused most the album on."

It looks like Chris and Takacs have been putting in the work to get their music out there. "We just finished a very busy summer of shows, and we're currently writing for our next release and announcing a new batch of shows around Ohio soon. We'll be releasing more music and touring in the Spring/Summer of 2024."

As far as their local music scene, things look pretty solid from what Chris wrote us:

"Columbus' hardcore scene is nuts right now. Check out our buds in Salt and Human Law for sure, as well as Crime Light and En Love. Assault is a little further north in Cleveland but they absolutely rip."


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