STRAIGHT EDGE Book Discussion in Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

Tony Rettman, Vique Simba, Dan O'Mahony, Jonathan Anastas, Jon Roa, Carlos Ramirez (Photo: Dan Rawe)

Yesterday (Feb. 11), the fine folks at Vacation Vinyl in Los Angeles hosted a discussion centered around STRAIGHT EDGE: A Clear-Headed Hardcore Punk History, the recently released book by Tony Rettman.

I had the honor of hosting the panel, which included Dan O'Mahony (No For An Answer, Shiners Club), Vique Simba (Revelation Records, Simba Recordings), Jonathan Anastas (DYS, Slapshot), and Jon Roa (Justice League, End to End). It was a packed house with a lot of positive energy going around, and I wanted to share some photos from the event. Thanks to Mark and Nick from Vacation Vinyl for having us, and photographer Dan Rawe for the use of his images from the day.

Jonathan Anastas / Jon Roa (Photo: Dan Rawe)
Author Tony Rettman, Carlos Ramirez (No Echo), Jordan Cooper (Revelation Records). (Photo: Dan Rawe)
Dan O'Mahony (Photo: Dan Rawe)
Andrew Reizuch (Le Shok, Focused), Fred Hammer (Annihilation Time, It's Alive Fanzine), Ben Merlis (Fields of Fire), Jason Jeffrey (Collision). (Photo: Dan Rawe)
Jonathan Anastas and Vique Simba (Photo: Dan Rawe)
Nick Vance (Vacation Vinyl), Mark Thompson (Vacation Vinyl), Tony Rettman. (Photo: Dan Rawe)
Dan sharing his thoughts with the room. (Photo: Dan Rawe)
(Photo: Dan Rawe)
Jonathan Anastas, Mike Gitter (xXx Fanzine), Jon Roa (Photo: Dan Rawe)
The crowd at Vacation Vinyl. (Photo: Dan Rawe)
Dan O'Mahony and Carlos Ramirez (Photo: Dan Rawe)
Mike Gitter, Jordan Cooper, Ron Martinez (Final Conflict, Lower Class Brats). (Photo: Dan Rawe)

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