Lifed: North Carolina Band Brings Blast Beats & Sludge Riffs on Sacred Cruelty

Photo: Renata Sparks

Formed in the summer of 2021, Lifed is a band based out of Statesville, North Carolina. From a sonic standpoint, the 4-piece fall somewhere between power violence, metallic hardcore, and sludge. It's all brain-beating stuff no matter how you slice it.

Lifed is comprised of ex-members of such bands as Coldheart, Born Hanged, and Everyone Must Die.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered in the home garage by vocalist Jacob Sparks, Lifed's forthcoming 2-song single, Sacred Cruelty, is a brutal piece of work, and No Echo is happy to premiere it for you today:

"In general, the lyrics were inspired by suffering and the way that we deal with pain," Jacob Sparks told No Echo. "'Stainless Skin' is about the stoic approach, and simply surviving and enduring the difficulties inherent to life and death. Followed by 'Ratstomper,' which is an expression of frustration at the failure to deal with life's challenges in the stoic sense."

Sacred Cruelty will arrive on all streaming outlets on March 18th.

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