Kharma: Chicago Metallic Hardcore Band Announces Album, Drops Music Video for First Single

Photo: Jessica Perez

Fans of metallic hardcore should take note of today's news that Kharma will be releasing a new album soon. Produced by Jon Markson at The Animal Farm (Drug Church, Jivebomb), A World of Our Own promises to bring the Chicago band's "most personal and colossal material" collection of songs yet. 

Formed in 2015, Kharma dropped their self-released debut LP, Survival, a year later, followed up by 2018’s Moment of Violence, leading to their 2020 EP, Most Dangerous Game.

The first single from the forthcoming A World of Our Own album is called “Clip Your Wings,” and the Derek Rathbun-directed music video for the song can be seen below:

Kharma vocalist Jordan Moten shared the following about the lyrics on the new album:

“The overall theme of this record sort of stems from the title track. In every song I dive into a lot of issues whether it be personal or issues with the world at large. The title track is a love letter to Chicago Hardcore but more broadly to hardcore itself.

"The ‘real world’ is full of so much pain and hate that we can't control but within the hardcore community we can. We can use this outlet to improve ourselves, each other, and eventually the world around us. So that's where 'A World Of Our Own' came from. The idea that hardcore is a little world that we can escape to while building ourselves up to live in a world where we can thrive even through the struggles of everyday real life.”

A World of Our Own will be out on April 12th via Flatspot Records (pre-order).

Upcoming Kharma shows:
2/16 - Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s
3/16 - Austin, TX @ Flatspot World


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