Gaffa Ghandi: Post-Hardcore Combo Creates Thundering Riff Maze on “Symphony of Swag” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Maren Michaelis

No one would ever accuse the gentlemen in Gaffa Ghandi of being the impuslive types. Though they've been working together for a decade now, the German musical combo are finally getting around to releasing their proper debut album. But, you know, "good things come to those who wait," and all that. 

With its members split between the cities of Dresden and Berlin, Gaffa Ghandi make instrumental music that pulls from a multitude of influences. Describing their sound isn't easy, but to No Echo's ears, you can hear shades of everything from progressive rock to NWOBHM to Shellac-like post-rock to the kind of stuff you would hear on the soundtrack to one of Alejandro Jodorowsky's surreal-fantasy flicks.

But back to their album. Titled Artificial Disgust, the record will be dropping later this month, but No Echo has the early jump on a track called "Symphony of Swag" below:

"The song is the bastard of a Body Count beat hung up by a Mastodonian stranglehold fixed with some Iron Maiden handcuffs," Gaffa Ghandi bassist Lucas Kazzer told No Echo. "Add some Gentle Giant thinking, and you get a terrific 'rifferno' which was baptized in fire during nearly a decade of tearing stages apart.”

Artificial Disgust will hit stores on April 24th via Exile on Mainstream. The LP will be joined with a download code, and the CD and digital versions will feature a bonus track from the archives. The pre-order is up now.

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