Born Low: Albany Hardcore Squad Returns with “Numb to Feel” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Pete Corcoran

Throughout the years, Albany, NY has brought the world such hardcore bands as Devoid of Faith, One King Down, and Stigmata. One of the current groups from the Cap City waving the flag for hardcore is Born Low. The quintet has been repping Albany with their mosh-certified metallic hardcore since forming almost a decade ago.

Now, after releases on Reaper Records and Bad Ground Records, Born Low is finally ready to unleash the monster that is Sorry for Your Loss, their debut full-length. Recorded and mixed by Jason Bourdeau, guitarist of the aforementioned Stigmata, the album will arrive later this month, but No Echo got the hook up for y'all in the shape of "Numb to Feel," a cut from the 10-track collection.

Born Low vocalist Kyle Chard offers his thoughts on the song: 

"'Numb to Feel' is a commentary on the lack of general empathy and emotion I was seeing at the time it was written going on in the world around me on a macro and also micro level. Over time it grew into an inner reflection on how I felt I reacted to seeing these things, which is evident towards the end of the song. Musically we feel this a good 'full plate' offering of most of the elements we involve in making up the Born Low sound, with a few reaches thrown in there in certain parts of the track.” 

Numb to Feel (lyrics by Kyle Chard)

White noise, black dots, lost cause, pick your spots.

Pissing contest, guilty conscience.
Center stage, title page. 
(Stripped you bare, run you raw)
The thread is weak, holding your pack.
The thread is taught, strung straight across your back. 

Can't weigh down what's lighter than the weight.
Without a broken mold, no spot to relate. 
Turned the track, spun straight off course
Flush you out, lost, no remorse. 
You had no remorse

Oil burns poured into the pool, you're a fool.
White noise, black dots.

Break you down, open sore, doesn't matter anymore. 
Hollow shell, can't relate, paradox to set you straight.
Straight below, watch you fall, the shortest rat standing tall.
Can't conceive, close the deal, pulling back, numb to feel.

Photo: Rick Beaulieu

Sorry for Your Loss will be out on April 20 and can be pre-ordered at Born Low's Bandcamp page. The band is currently lining up shows for the summer of 2018 in the Northeast and Canada. Stay tuned to Born Low's Facebook page for show info, and also head to their online store to see what goodies they have for sale.

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