BEDTIMEMAGIC: Boston Outfit Brings the Noise (Rock)

In my effort to acquaint myself more fully with the bands of my hometown, I first came across BEDTIMEMAGIC. Hailing from Boston, they are enjoyed by fans of associated acts Intercourse and Greylock. 

BEDTIMEMAGIC is Nicholas Pentabona (vocals, bass) and Morgan Berns (drums, organ, vocals). The duo first came together as BTM in 2014, and both musicians had played in numerous bands prior and have been performing musically in the area for decades.

When asked what genre they consider themselves, Pentabona tells me “I use the term 'trash rock. I don't think Morgan does, though.'” Call it what you will but to my ear it’s a difficult-to-label mash up of rock, metal, hardcore, and punk. It even has moments that remind me of early Nirvana with grungy vocals and harsh feedback, making an effort towards noise. Lyrics are screamed over diverse riffs, a dissonant cacophony:

These kinds of mash-up bands are sometimes called “garbage plate," BEDTIMEMAGIC tells me. The term describes a sound that is basically “a little bit of everything." The sub-genre often credited to nearby upstate New York. 

BEDTIMEMAGIC's first LP, Pillow Talk, was recently released on cassette by Deciduous Records. The collection is referred to by the band as “10 wholesome songs by 2 loving dudes." Initially it had been available on vinyl, as pressed by Nefarious Industries. Of the process Pentabona says, “Greg's amazing and was excited to have us do a second pressing on a different format.”

Also released earlier this year, the band collaborated on a split cassette with previously mentioned Bostonian doom darlings Greylock. On the aptly titled SPLIT, the effort is sweetly marked by each band covering a song from the other. Greylock chose BEDTIMEMAGIC's "King Size" for the project. 

On the split, the band worked with Alex Allinson of The Bridge Sound & Stage. This experience was so positive that they enlisted him to work with them on their forthcoming release. Which, I’m told, can be expected early next year. 

For the most up-to-date info on shows and upcoming releases follow the band’s Instagram or Facebook pages. Speaking of shows, BEDTIMEMAGIC is expected to play with delightful noise boys, Intercourse, at Connecticut’s Cherry Street Station on August 21st. A post-pandemic re-ignition they’re looking forward to. 

If you can make it out, pack earplugs and let them know Bateman sent you. 

Pick up a copy of Pillow Talk on vinyl or cassette at Nefarious IndustriesListen to more BEDTIMEMAGIC jams on their Bandcamp page.


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