8 Hour Animal: Industrial Entity Delivers Nightmare Fuel on “Almost Free” (PREMIERE)

The sound of 8 Hour Animal is a jarring one. A one-man operation (no name given), the sonic entity's stylistic approach invites everything from industrial to black metal to power electronics to, well, a host of other harsh points between. Quite simply, 8 Hour Animal isn't going to be on any emo compilations anytime soon.

:Wumpscut:, Godflesh, Skinny Puppy, and Controlled Bleeding are a few of the groups 8 Hour Animal have been compared to by their label, Sentient Ruin (Acephalix, Puro Odio), and it's a great call on their part.

But as we all know, I could write 20 more paragraphs about 8 Hour Animal and what the project's forthcoming debut LP, Resigner, sounds like, but why not let the music do the talking? Take a listen to this exclusive premiere of "Almost Free," a nightmarish track from the album, below:


8 Hour Animal's thoughts on the song:

"'Almost Free' idea is industrial metal after an amphetamine enema. Lack of connection to others, alienation from purpose  and the general misanthropy of living in a  shitty world."

Resigner will be out Aug 6th on via Sentient Ruin. The pre-order link is live right here.


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