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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Wise Up

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Band: Wise Up
From: Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Their formation story:
"We've all known each other for years and always been involved in our local scene but never played in bands together. We started writing some music online during the COVID lockdowns and very quickly put together a demo. It seemed like people enjoyed it and we enjoying recording and playing together so thought we may as well keep going.

 "We actually started as a Youth Crew band, not for any particular reason other than the conversation just kind of went like, 'Do you want to do a Youth Crew band throughout Lockdown?' 'Sure.' That didn't last very long, obviously."

Their sound in their own words:
"We'd say were definitely more inspired by '00s/Lockin Out and NYHC sounds but we're also pretty influenced by thrash soundwise and think that tends to creep into parts, especially on the new release compared to our last. 

"We don't really try to stick to one thing in particular and have a lot of fun with the writing process, we do actually scrap songs quite often when we're writing and some end up changing a lot during recording."

Latest release info:
"Our new EP, Baptism By Fire, was released at the end of December 2022. This was planned to drop on the first of January but actually ended up going live on Spotify early, so thought we may as well keep it up. The physicals still went live via Nuclear Family Records on January 1st as planned though!

"We really wanted to release something as solid as we could from an art, music and production stand point. As much as we like our previous releases, there has been something in each we aren't happy with. So we thought we'd take what we've learned so far and try to write three solid tracks that we were personally happy with from each point and try and add something from each of us, which is probably why it turned out heavier than the last release."

Future plans:
"Our immediate plans are just to try and play as many shows as possible outside our local scene. We have a short run with a local band called Aggrieved up to Dundee on the 28th January, Glasgow on the 29th with our brothers in Nothin But Enemies and back to Newcastle on the 30th for our first show back in nearly six months due to an injury with our guitarist.

"After that, we're playing Does Your Mother Know? Fest on the 11th February with Indre Krig and The Flex, as well as our good friends in Goon DHC."


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What other bands from their region should we check out? 
"Before COVID, there wasn’t a lot locally hardcore wise  and the scene has always had it's ups and downs in attendance and bands. But attendance has seen a massive increase in no small part to the graft put in by Neversleep NCL and Conviction Records, the opening of the Lubber Fiend and a crop of new bands.

"It's been sick to see new faces every time and the scene turn into something special. This is definitely the strongest the scene has been here in the time we've been going to shows. There's plenty of excellent local bands in North East Hardcore. Devils Grip, Bloodfury, PH People, Mortsafe, Kamikaze, Aggrieved, Spit, and A Life Less Ordinary, to name a few."

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