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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Saboteur

Band: Saboteur
From: Dayton, Ohio

Their formation story:
(Drummer Rich Thurston): "A little bit before COVID, the songs were demoed. Once COVID shut everything down, we sort of put it on the shelf for a bit. Well, "a bit" turned into like two years. Finally, we got our asses in gear and recorded live drums and got the vocals down. We played a few shows and got comfortable as a band.

"Some of us have previously played in such bands as Terror, Blood Has Been Shed, and Never Again." 

Their sound in their own words:
"There is for sure some Metallica influence. I think there is a bit of older bands like Madball and Killing Time in there too. Vocally, I feel like its pretty unique."

Latest release info:
"I had dealt with Joey and Irish Voodoo Records on other projects I had done. He is a really great person and when I hit him up about the Saboteur EP [It's Closer Than You Think] he was all in. The run is limited and I think it may already be sold out if i'm not mistaken. A second press will be done with some different layout stuff."

Future plans:
"Right now, we are just getting all the layout materials done for the label. About 90% done with that. We have a few shows lined up. Just trying to keep the band busy as our lives allow."

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
"Ohio is really pumping out some great bands these days: Life of Crime, Eight Legions, Greater Vision, Bolster, Your Disease, Rose Crest, Sign Language, and Bolster to name a few. Definitely check them out if you can."

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