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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Life Turns Cold

Band: Life Turns Cold
From: Liège/Limburg, Belgium

Their formation story:
"Before Life Turns Cold, we played in other bands such as As it Hurts (Phil and Sully), Crooked Morality (Jeroen and Tom), and Escape (Spek). We were already friends and at the time none of us had a band. Sylvain made the proposal to start a band with the letters LTC,  since we use it for 10 years already meaning Liège Tongeren Connection.

"We asked Phil to sing and the Belgian half of the band was set. It was only natural to ask Jeroen and Tom to fill the spots left. So now we have a band that's half Belgian and half Dutch. French, flemish, and Dutch speakers in one band. It reflects our region and how connection can overcome those language barriers." 

Their sound in their own words:
"We all have our own influences but we share the same passion for old-school hardcore, the heavy, ignorant kind. Bands from the '90s and early '00s like Cold As Life, Everybody Gets Hurt, Angel Crew, Terror Ave, BCS, Bulldoze, and Stout have a special place in our hearts."

Latest release info:
"Our latest release, Demonstration, happened fairly quick. Jens and Jeroen had the riffs and with the rest of the guys we put everything together. In true hardcore spirit, we did everything DIY. Recording, mixing and artwork are from Jeroen by the way, even if he doesn’t want to be mentionned. No polished studio recordings, Autotune, or drum triggers, just straight-up hardcore."

Future plans:
"We also have a booking agency Principauté de Liège (PDL) bookings so we start booking a lot of shows by ourselves. now we are  looking to plan weekenders and writing new songs to drop new heavy stuff ASAP, we are here to stay."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"From Belgium : Sales Belges, Our Disctrict, Soulblame, Instructor, and Forced Entry.

"Rest of Europe: Haywire, Take It In Blood, 3nd7r, Blvd of Death, and Outta Spite."

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