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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Life on Trap

Photo: Santana Willy

Band: Life on Trap
From: Solo, Central Java, Indonesia

Their formation story:
(Yudhistira, vocals): "We met at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Surakarta arts campus where various band genres such as post-punk, shoegaze, psychedelic rock, black metal, '70s punk, and others resided, but there was no sound of a hardcore band.

"Without hesitation, we united and formed a hardcore band with a touch of rap on the vocals. Life on Trap or what we usually call L.O.T was born! I handle vocals, Ardhi (Sprayer) and Hasby (Pvrplehaze) pound the guitar, Gandres (Mirage/Fazzover) strokes the bass, and Diptya (The Skit) hammers the drums."

Their sound in their own words:
"From diverse musical backgrounds, we crafted a unique fusion. From an old-school hip-hop rap vocalist, stoner rock guitarists, an enthusiastic '70s punk drummer, to infusing rap into vocals, creating seductive eastern-tinged guitar melodies, and showering with fierce riffs from other guitars. This is Life on Trap."

Latest release info:
"Our single, 'Warzone,' not only introduces the band, but also opens the curtain for our forthcoming EP. The song is not just a disregard for reputation and egoistic claims, but also a reflection of the reality of Generation Z's life which is full of conflict and explosive emotions. Don't fuckin' care 'bout your street rep, fool. Or where you claim your rule. You want to be the finest? It's all junk muffukes!"

Future plans:
"Our first EP is cooking, while our merchandise is in the oven, and all ready to be released soon!"

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"We recommend Sprayer, Mirage, Snapped, Crashead, and Libres!"

Life on Trap on social media: Instagram

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