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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Good Teal

Photo: Hassan Mahmood

Band: Good Teal
From: Union, New Jersey

Their formation story:
(Reg Mason, bass/vocals): "Good Teal initially formed as a secret solo project during the heat of COVID. I was a bit disillusioned and uninspired from years of putting out solo records and an older group of mine quietly dissolving. So I found it cool and comforting to have a new outlet totally separate from anything I’ve done before.

"Our drummer, Shane, introduced himself to me via IG and we hit it off instantly. Through him, I met our guitarist, Alex and our other guitarist, Curtis was a long time high school friend of mine. It’s cliché as hell but we all kinda fell into it after I showed them demos I had in the tank."

Their sound in their own words:
 "A reversible jacket between punk, garage rock, and anything else that catches our ears, honestly. I love the everchanging range of bands like Angel Du$t and Fugazi mixed with the showmanship of the Hives or Amyl & the Sniffers, and the heaviness of Converge or Trash Talk."

Latest release info:
"Our newest release is our second single called 'Lookout.’ It’s about that period of time of being hyper-independent right before (or after) something terrible happens to you. Whether in delusion or self-protection, I’ve been guilty of doing such and this covers fighting that knee-jerk response.

"For this one, we wanted to get in and get out. There’s snarls, tempo changes, busy drums and heavy ass guitar tones. A lot more heavy and to the point after our debut single being more garage rock-oriented. I wanted to show we could get down in more ways than one. I also directed the video, so that’s something."

Future plans:
"Writing more material for something bigger, want to get some shows in for the summer as well."

What are some other bands from their region we should check out?
"One Hundred Thousand, Tula Vera, Dog Date, Lip Critic."

Good Teal on social media: Twitter | Instagram

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