illMatic: Detroit Band Fuses Hardcore & Hip-Hop on “Pistol Grip Pump” Cover

Photo: Augustine Cruz

When you see their band name, it's no surprise illMatic sound like they do. Not only did the Detroit-based quartet named themselves after the seminal Nas album, but they also incorporate their love for hip-hop into their metallic hardcore-minded playing style.

With musicians who have been in the hardcore scene for years, illMatic is led by MC J Meller, who drives their music forward with an authoritative tone fitting for the surroundings.
Recently inking a deal with Upstate Records (Bovice, In Cold Blood), illMatic will be releasing an album called Watching the World Burn in early 2023. To help launch the campaign, the band have covered California rapper Volume 10's 1993 classic, "Pistol Grip Pump," which many readers will know from Rage Against the Machine's version of the track.

No Echo got the jump on the music video for the track:

illMatic frontman J Meller:

"I remember this song from back in the day, the original hip-hop version from Volume 10. I was always a hip-hop head and always thought it would be dope cover. I heard the Rage Against the Machine version almost 15 years ago and said to myself, when I have the right band I want to do my own flip of it.....illMatic is the right band."

Watching the World Burn will be released in early 2023. Hit this link to get more information on illMatic.


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