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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Days of Revelation

Photo: Nemo Richard 

Band: Days of Revelation
From: Rennes, France

Their formation story:
(Tom, vocals): "Quentin (drums) and I were playing in a band called Grunt! which was more of a Lockin' Out-ish band with also influences from '00s strict punk hardcore like No Tolerance. On a personal level, It helped me get enough confidence and song writing skills to start the metallic hardcore band I wanted to do since a while.

"Quentin accepted my invitation to join me and soon after we found the other members Julian (guitar), Casper (guitar), and Tom (bass). I started to write songs like a year and a half ago singing riffs to my phone at a shitty job. It turns out into actual songs that the others helped me to improve with their ideas in rehearsal."

Their sound in their own words:
"The influences and the bands we were looking to sounds like were all these metallic hardcore bands from the past few years: Simulakra, Extinguish, Carbonite, even Year of the Knife, were big influences, but the greatest one was of course Division of Mind. Japanese hardcore was also an influence for the mids and moshs.

"I always preferred the scary side of hardcore soundstyle so I think you can hear some of that in the intentions beneath the actual sound. Bands like Cold as Life, Neglect, Swear to God, even Eyehategod were big influences on the vibe and the lyrics for the band."

Latest release info:
"We wanted to release something before doing our first show. That’s something we talked about early in the process for the band. At first, we wanted to do a demo but it turns out to be an actual EP. We basically recorded all songs we had (minus one) with Julian at our rehearsal place. Then, we sent it to Simon who mixed and mastered, added samples and stuff and that was it. 

"Neurophobic is 5 songs of metal hardcore available on all streaming platforms. It will also be available in physical copies in the next months, we will communicate about that when everything’s ready!"

Future plans:
"Our plans for now is playing and touring as much as possible. We’re also already writing new materials for a further release."

What other bands from your region should we check out?
"Man, there are so many right now. Shoutout to the newest:

"In Paris: Cold Decay, Corruption Pact, Soulhater, and Take It In Blood's EP is coming and you better be stressed about it, basically every band from up there.

"The northern batch: Broken Ankles, Loyal 2 None. The southern club: Citrus, Dig In Wretch, Bustin Heads crew

"And of course, shoutout rennes hardcore. Rennes In Blood."


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