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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Circle War

Band: Circle War
From: Pangkalpinang, Indonesia

Their formation story:
"Planned from the beginning of 2023 by Acil (vocals) and Bery (guitar), the band finally started forming in October, since Adnan (guitar) joined and began seriously writing material and lyrics for preparation. After the three of us felt ready with the music and lyrics written, we finally decided to look for a bassist and drummer.

"And finally in November, Ridho (bass) and Hasbi (drums) joined to complete the band, and then in mid-December we started venturing into the recording studio."

Their sound in their own words:
"Playing in the realm of hardcore punk, our Circle War brings new colors in our city of Pangkalpinang, Indonesia. We combine crossover styles of trash and hardcore punk, and we identified that the 3 tracks in our demo are 'hardcore crossover.'"

Latest release info:
"Our demo was released by Threat of Destruction on Bandcamp. We are part of the new wave of Pangkalpinang hardcore crossover. We invite listeners to stand firm against what we don't want, against all the evils that keep us oppressed, ostracized, and belittled. The song 'Locked in Fear' is a sign of our resistance to all evil wrapped in oppression."

Future plans:
"In the near future assisted by friends Human Pleasure, our merchandise will be released, and the demo tape will be coming soon from Threat of Destruction on cassette. And after everything is done, we have prepared the material for the album so that it can be recorded and realized as soon as possible."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Some bands that deserve us to check out are Mi'Raj, Cummune, Tajjam, Nanar, and Creep are all a big threat from our city, Pangkalpinang."

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