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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Brainwashed

Photo: Sehun Ji

Band: Brainwashed
From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Their formation story:
(Christian Debuque, vocals): "So the band came together after I met Kei (our drummer) while skating in South Philly. He had just moved to Philly and was looking to play in a band so he was the first person I roped in. After that, I wrote a couple songs and started hitting up musicians I respect and wanted to be apart of it. I’ve known our guitarist, Travis, since we were infants.

"Jared and I used to play together nearly a decade ago. Our other guitarist, Joey, knows and loves hardcore more than anyone I know so that was a no-brainer. About 6 months later we had this demo written and the whole process could not have been smoother."
Their sound in their own words:
"Negative Approach is our main influence and early NYHC. We tried our best to make this feel like it was plucked straight out of the early 80s. Nothing too slick. I’m a big fan of early crossover so there’s definitely a bit of that in there too."

Latest release:
"I wanted to put something out that I wanted to see more of in the current hardcore scene. Something simple and straight-forward. Calling back to the bands that really made me fall in love with hardcore when I was a teenager.

"Almost everyone in this band is over 30 now so lyrically the demo is going to hit home with people our age. But some gripes don’t change even with age — like those who come into the scene chasing fame or the old head who refuses to change their bigoted world-view. But mostly I want people to rock out and feel the energy we put into these songs. Don’t need to get anything out of this more than that."

Future plans:
"We’re aiming to play some shows on the East Coast this summer, and keep an eye out for a cassette."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Gotta plug our members other bands — check out Impact Driver, Sunstroke, Minefield and The Bad Ups. Rocking heavily with No Model's W.A.A.D. that just dropped. They haven’t played in a bit but Struck Nerve and Chemical Fix are the best."

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