Primal Rite, Sensory Link to Pain (Revelation Records, 2017)

I've been listening to Primal Rite since coming across their Complex Life of Passion 7" in late 2016. Now signed to Revelation Records, the Bay Area, California outfit has returned with Sensory Link to Pain, a 3-song EP of more metallic hardcore havoc.

The new record opens with its title track and it wastes no time ripping into the faster side of Primal Rite's playing style. The track also includes some moshy riff parts that work well with lead singer's Lucy's gruff vocal jabs. "Sensory Link to Pain" also features some gnarly guitar soloing and dive bombs that make the attack all the more nastier.

"Is It Me?" is more along the lines of NYHC-styled sonic abuse and keeps it short and sweet. "Primal Discipline" ends the EP with a few chugging breakdown sections that will make any Clevo hardcore admirer grin from ear to ear. 

With a proper full-length album promised for later this year on Revelation Records, Primal Rite are poised to be one of modern hardcore's most coveted acts.

*Homepage photo of Primal Rate courtesy of Kiabad Meza.

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