Deaf Club & The HIRS Collective Combine Powers on “Biblical Loophole” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Photo: Becky DiGiglio

It was recently announced that Deaf Club would be joined by The HIRS Collective and Fuck Money on an upcoming split 7". 

No Echo readers should already by familiar with Deaf Club's frenzied hardcore punk assault and the chaos-core of The HIRS Collective. The newest band on the forthcoming 7" is Fuck Money, a band based out of Austin, Texas with a sound that combines everything from noise to punk to industrial.

Label-mates and comrades Deaf Club and Fuck Money will be touring EU/UK together in April of 2024, while The HIRS Collective have a run of US shows supporting The Armed coming up this month.

While the split 7" won't be out till later this month, No Echo got the early jump on the music video for “Biblical Loophole," the opening track of the EP which finds Deaf Club combining forces with Jenna Pup of HIRS. The video was created by Adios from Everywhere, with additional editing by Displaced/Replaced:

Deaf Club vocalist Justin Pearson sent No Echo the following about the track:

"This is a song about my life-long distaste and distrust in the bible and those who follow it. The good ol' Biblical loophole that followers of God seem to find so easily, which allows for an awful lot of moral and ethical wiggle-room, has by far seeped into so many facets of life on this planet. And Deaf Club figured we should team up with Jenna Pup of HIRS to drive a message home, as we are looking forward to a god free world."

Deaf Club feat. The HIRS Collective & Fuck Money split 7" will be out on March 22nd via Three One G (pre-order).

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