Kollaps\e, Phantom Centre (Trepanation Recordings, 2023)

After my brief feature in March of 2021, I'm glad to have the opportunity to write about the debut LP of Kollaps\e.

Phantom Centre is set for release on the 13th of January in 2023 digitally and on limited edition cassette and CD through Trepanation Recordings.

My initial introduction to Kollaps\e was through a 2-song EP I wrote about in the feature I already mentioned. It feels like seeing a curiosity fulfilled in hearing the Phantom Centre record.

When you hear the first couple of songs from a band, no matter how much they make you curious, you wonder if the full-length record will end up seeing the band shift direction or find a steady aim and remain faithful to the sound that originally caught your attention. 

I'm glad to say that Kollaps\e have only progressed as a band to my hearing and present a forward-thinking approach to a sound that should be familiar to fans of heavy music typically labeled as "post-metal." While I grew tired of that particular genre moniker a long time ago, I don't mind using it rather than giving you all a list of bands to compare Kollaps\e with, especially because these comparisons are often pointless. 

"Era," the first song on Phantom Centre, immediately made me excited to hear how the record would develop as it has a consistent song structure until about the last 30 seconds of the song. In an audial shift, the structure of the song is essentially smashed and you're hit with more distortion and a slower rhythm forcing the listener to wonder if the next song has started or not.

With the entire record being just under 40 minutes, I believe 'Phantom Centre' is approachable for people newer to post-metal, as well as long-time fans that may be more accustomed to lengthy songs.

Later on the record, "Bränt Barn Skyr Elden" is a song that struck me with its atmospheric intro. It offers a cinematic and mysterious listening experience that allows for a surprise when the band comes in and starts the rest of the song.

The singer employs a more raspy style as opposed to a guttural growl that allows listeners who pay attention to lyrics to appreciate his annunciation while also offering another rhythmic element to the song which reminds me somewhat of Aaron Turner's vocals in Sumac as well as other bands of his in the past. 

I'm not certain of any live dates currently, but I'd imagine Kollaps\e will be announcing details to potential through their social media so be on the lookout. This music is made for a live setting, but I see Phantom Centre as a great debut record. 

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